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Do you know how to use GenStage? Thiago Ramos wrote a thorough article about all things GenStage. Very clear, with lots of diagrams and an example of how to use backpressure to control when to get more tweets from the Twitter API.
Mark Ericksen shows how to set up a CI process using GitHub Actions. With a customized CI workflow based on something like this, your team can get the benefits of Elixir's improved compile times while enforcing security checks, coding practices, and more.
Cees de Groot shares the story of how they picked Elixir and why they chose it as their current stack. From first building an MVP with C#, Vue, and AWS Serverless, to later migrating to Elixir to leverage its OTP platform. - Sponsor
Alex Koutmos and I have been working on a new book to help you to become a better Elixir developer by teaching you how to leverage the power of the BEAM runtime with recipes and patterns specific to Elixir/OTP. Download the first two chapters for free or take advantage of the beta 38% discount.
Chris McCord announces the first release candidate of Phoenix 1.7. Phoenix 1.7 packs several long-awaited new features like verified routes, Tailwind support, LiveView authentication generators, unified HEEx templates, and more.
A lot of ink has been spilled on the topic of building rate limiting into API-based products, but client-facing apps have different needs. Tyler Young shares some tips.



David Bernheisel talks about Ecto in Production, how to perform safe schema migrations, and safely evolve data.


Job listings

Optimum BH - Remote, Bosnia and Herzegovina
We are looking for multiple interns! If you're starting your career as a Software Developer, are interested in Elixir, and are based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, apply for the Full-stack Intern Developer position on our website.
Kamana - Remote, United States
As an instrumental member of our team, you'll be working day-to-day in collaboration with our engineering and product teams to build experiences that will shape the future of healthcare. You'll be leveraging Elixir and the Phoenix web framework as your primary development to help us solve technical challenges in system architecture, observability, and infrastructure. FTE -$175,000-$185,000/year.



May 19-20, 2023 - Chattanooga, USA


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