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Issue 250

August 05, 2020


Hi! 👋

I got some news for you about the journey to make Elixir Radar sustainable.

First, we got 4 more Individual Sponsors since last week. We're now with 30 individual sponsors that together give Elixir Radar US$ 171 per month. Not bad, right? Actually, that's very cool!

Another important news, we got our first company sponsor! The nice folks from AppSignal reached out to me a few weeks ago asking how they could help. I told them I was planning to launch some kind of sponsored links for companies that have something to offer to Elixir Radar Subscribers. Long story short: they decided to give it a try! 🎉

By the way, I actually know AppSignal for a long time. Since my Ruby on Rails days. They were even nice enough to send some stroopwafels to Platafaformatec's office back in 2015. 🧇

Ok, but what will change for you, dear subscriber? Very little actually. Every time there's a sponsored link here, you'll see a label like SPONSOR. That's it.

Also, company sponsors can't publish content here automatically. So, every sponsored content will go through my curation process as well. By doing that, I hope that our sponsored links will be relevant to Elixir Radar subscribers.

One last thing, if your company or another one you know could be interested in publishing sponsored content here, please share that with them.

See you next week! 👋

-- Hugo



Headless CMS fun with Phoenix LiveView and Airtable (pt. 1)

Ricardo García Vega wrote a series of articles explaining how to build headless CMS using Airtable, Phoenix, and LiveView.

By the way, I've been using Airtable myself to manage all content from Elixir Radar (articles, job posts, events) and I really like the tool.

OTP as the Core of Your Application Part 2

In this second part of that series, Alex Koutmos implemented a traditional database version and an Actor Model version of the example application and compared their performance characteristics under load.

5 Elixir Tips Learned in Code Review

Zach Liss shares some of his learnings on changing code to improve the overall development experience for all engineers working with a codebase.

AppSignal logo Complete & Customizable Monitoring for Elixir 

AppSignal - SPONSOR

When the bits hit the fan, you need clear and focused insights. You don’t want to log into five different dashboards to try and connect the dots. With AppSignal, you get the full picture and support you need for your Elixir apps.

Leveraging Exceptions to handle errors in Elixir

Leandro Cesquini explains how to leverage `Exceptions` to enrich errors and the benefits of doing so.

Ecto: When to cast

Ecto offers a few sets of functions to cast your data. Benjamin Milde explains when to use each set, like "cast/4, change/2, put_change/3", "cast_assoc/3, put_assoc/4" and "cast_embed/3, put_embed/4".

Structuring an Elixir+Phoenix App

Brian Underwood was wondering how he could organize his code. His answer? He looked into four different open-source Phoenix apps and shared what he learned.



What's new in LiveView - Chris McCord | ElixirConfEU Virtual

Code Sync

Hear from Chris McCord what's new in LiveView. This talk takes a tour of new features, big and small, to highlight relatively unknown additions while exploring how LiveView continues to blaze a trail in this new server-rendered interactive landscape.


Job Listings

Senior Software Engineer

Distru - Remote, United States

We're Distru, an ERP built for the Cannabis supply chain. We're remote first and fully Elixir since Day 1, comprised of a team of talented engineers very close to the Elixir community. If you want to work on high impact customer workflows, like building products, and like solving for specific business edge cases we would love to hear from you!

Back End / Integrations Engineer 

Instinct Science - Remote, United States

We’re seeking an experienced Elixir Back End / Integrations Engineer who is looking for a new career opportunity to be the next member of our growing 30-person fully-remote team.

You will be instrumental in creating connections to 3rd party systems, contributing to our backend application, developing internal tools and in shaping our data models.




September 3-4, 2020 - Online

ElixirConf EU

October 7-8, 2020 - Online

Elixir Brazil

November 28-29, 2020 - São Paulo, Brazil


September 12-13, 2020 - Online




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