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The new Livebook's official website! One of the coolest features in it are the badges. If you create your own code notebooks, you can create a badge pointing to it. Anyone can click the badge to take them to the website and run the notebook in their preferred Livebook instance.
Trevor Brown shows a cool tool he built during SpawnFest. You can use eFlambé to visualize your code’s performance as an interactive flame graph in your flame graph viewer of choice. Nice for debugging performance issues.
Chris McCord talks about an obscure CSS bug introduced in Safari 15 that broke most LiveView applications. The good news is it's fixed, but it needed a forced breaking CSS change in LiveView.
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Our most-requested feature when we launched uptime monitoring was public status pages, and now they're here!
Jack Gray goes through the steps to deploy Elixir and Phoenix to with continuous deployment using GitHub Actions.
Philip Sampaio shows a new tool called Phoenix LiveDashboard Standalone (PLSD). PLDS is a command-line tool that brings LiveDashboard to a broader public. It can be used to access remote systems if they can be reached from localhost.
Dimitris Zorbas built a device that periodically displays a random quote from his Kindle highlights, using Nerves, Scenic, and Nerves Livebook. Cool weekend project!



The keynote from Chris McCord at ElixirConf 2021. He talks about LiveView, the inflection point it's currently at after they built all the building blocks LiveView currently has.


Job listings

Clarus R+D - Remote, Anywhere
Join us as we build the next version of our successful R+D tax credit app on Elixir/Phoenix with LiveView. As an established startup, we need your help primarily through delivering production worthy code and helping others on the team do the same. With Clarus R+D, companies of all sizes can maximize the power of R+D tax incentives to significantly impact their business.
Sona - Fully remote, anywhere within 3 hours of UK time
We're hiring Elixir engineers to build the missing tools for the deskless workforce. We're a close knit, fully remote team which values flexibility (including our 4.5 day working week) and loves liveview!



November 4-5, 2021 - Virtual
November 27, 2021 - Virtual
March 24-25, 2022 - New Orleans, USA


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